Lets talk about Bermuda lawns

In some states Bermuda is a weed. Its difficult to control, and for that reason it makes a great turf grass here in Georgia. Right now is a great time to hit your Bermuda hard with some nitrogen. Preferably a 34-0-0 or higher, if you’re not on an all organic program. In that case Milorganite would be fine, just double up the application. Most Bermuda lawns are 90% plus green and need some food. We have some good rains coming the next few days here in Gwinnett county and getting that fertilizer watered in is very important.
Never, ever put down a high nitrogen fertilizer without watering it in. The results of not can destroy your lawn. If you’ve never seen a burnt up lawn, google fertilized lawn with no water and see what pops up. On the other hand a properly fertilized and watered lawn can make yours look like the best in the neighborhood. So if you’re reading this today, 5/19, get out there and feed your Bermuda lawn. If you have any questions comments or concerns feel free to contact me.

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